PolyWorks|Reviewer™ is a free PolyWorks|Inspector™ project reviewing solution that empowers manufacturing specialists to analyze 3D measurement results and investigate dimensional issues. They can then share their dimensional analysis conclusions to provide invaluable feedback on manufactured parts and on the performance of the manufacturing process directly in 3D with customers, suppliers, and stakeholders enterprisewide.

Comprehensive reporting

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In addition to the classic PDF export, clients can also open PolyWorks projects in the Reviewer and rotate or zoom the 3D views to get a more precise picture in case of ambiguities without additional license costs. In addition to the classic PolyWorks interface, the Reviewer offers an additional view that makes it easy to navigate through different categories.

The Reviewer allows the use of simple measurement tools and report functionalities.  In addition, virtual sections of components can be easily created and exported to common file formats. For clear documentation, all views and tables of a project can be generated according to the specifications of the test plan and transferred to a formatted report. The project itself is stored, for example, on a company-internal network or on a USB stick. Since PolyWorks|Reviewer contains the complete reporting functionality of PolyWorks|Inspector™, the report generation in the Reviewer serves to reduce the workload of a PolyWorks workstation.

The PolyWorks|Reviewer is of particular importance in connection with SPC analyses, since the complete statistical process control is accessible via the Reviewer, thus enabling easy and cost-effective access of different departments to all relevant data of such an analysis. The PolyWorks|Reviewer can be downloaded free of charge from the website of Duwe-3d AG As a so-called "Stand-Alone", it works completely independently, without any additional devices being started. Simply give the Reviewer to your customers, partners or colleagues on a USB stick.

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Start sharing your inspection projects in 3D
within your organization and network of suppliers!


PolyWorks|Reviewer™ - Advantages

Review inspection projects in a few clicks

Identify the source of dimensional issues by reviewing controlled dimensions and color maps in 3D, first-article inspection reports, multipiece statistics, and more.
Investigate dimensional issues

Search, sort, and filter controls to highlight issues and analyze deviations by changing alignments, magnifying 3D vectors, editing color scales, and more.
Communicate findings enterprisewide

Create additional dimensions and controls, 3D views, snapshots, tables, and reports. Then share the value-added inspection project with decision makers.