3D-Dimensionsanalyse & Qualitätskontrolle mit PolyWorks|Inspector™

PolyWorks|Inspector™ is a universal 3D dimensional analysis and quality control software solution to control tool or part dimensions, diagnose and prevent manufacturing and assembly issues, guide assembly building through real-time measurements, and oversee the quality of assembled products by using portable metrology devices and CNC CMMs.


With just one software to master, dramatically reduce your operational costs by increasing measurement specialist competency,
eliminating metrology silos, boosting employee mobility, and improving overall teamwork efficiency.





Interface with all 3D measurement devices thanks to a universal digitizing hub

Operate all portable probing devices through direct hardware plug-ins Interface with all point cloud scanning devices through direct hardware plug-ins or measurement file import Connect to major brands of CNC CMMs through direct drivers or I++ Integrate measurements performed with manual gauges as well as visual checks
Perform all inspection tasks using a universal 3D metrology workflow

Follow the same planning process for both portable and CNC CMM metrology Use the Play Inspection technology to execute autogenerated or user-defined measurement sequences Leverage the 3D Control Reviewer and dynamic updateable inspection reports to implement a measurement-control-centric reporting workflow
Deploy universal inspection projects playable on any 3D measurement device

Preconfigure the measurement workflow for all your measurement devices with piece measurement templates Predefine multiple measurement templates within one inspection project Adapt measurement objects and sequences to different measurement principles automatically with conversion tools


At the heart of PolyWorks|Inspector lies a powerful inspection engine with parametric data handling, certified mathematical algorithms, and extensive visual and audio feedback capabilities. It allows users to extract meaningful information from their measured 3D data, automate the inspection process when more than one piece is measured, and structure the presentation of measurement results to facilitate enterprisewide digital collaboration.



Surface and cross-section best-fit

Best-fit measured surfaces and cross-sections to their nominal definition, with the option of constraining in rotation, translation, or within a tolerance zone.
Measurement object best-fit

Construct your alignment from features, datum targets, surface points, or edge points, and use weights and axial constraints to optimize the results.
Multiple device position alignment

Align your 3D measurement device while compensating for temperature changes, and use bundle adjustment to maximize the global accuracy.


Universal data handling

Extract measured dimensions from point clouds, polygonal models, or probed points, and nominal dimensions from a CAD model or a measured part.
Deviation analysis using color maps

Obtain surface, boundary, cross-sectional, or thickness measured-to-nominal deviations, and analyze them through a color map display.
Feature-based dimensioning

Measure a feature’s diameter, position, or orientation, or distances and angles between two features, in 2D or in 3D, and configure the dimensions’ display intuitively.
Smart GD&T

Benefit from a smart GD&T engine based on the latest ASME and ISO standards, with advanced DRF, material condition, datum modifier, and tolerance zone capabilities.
Profile and Flush & Gap gauging

Evaluate advanced dimensions on fillets, design feature lines, and sheet metal part assemblies, such as radius, angle, bending, sharpness, flush, and gap.
Airfoil gauging

Extract advanced features on fan, compressor, and turbine blades to control and analyze dimensions, such as edge radius, thickness, length, width, angle, and area.


Multipiece data management

Measure multiple pieces using different 3D measurement devices, and store them in a single project folder using an optimal format that minimizes disk space usage.
Play Inspection tool

Use the powerful Play Inspection and Sequence Editor tools to automate measurement workflows by ordering and triggering operations.
Macro scripting

Add macro scripts to your measurement workflows to apply proprietary techniques, provide special feedback, or interconnect to other systems.


Control views

Organize projects containing hundreds of dimensional and GD&T controls into small and logical groups of controls, with individual controls tied to specific alignments and coordinate systems.
First-article inspection

Access a global list of controls sorted by characteristic index, and display critical results in 3D with the preferred point of view for easier dimensional analysis and reporting.
Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Assess the repeatability and predictability of your manufacturing processes with multipiece statistics automatically calculated for object dimensions and surface deviations.

Market-leading portable metrology platform

Renowned for the power and stability of its direct hardware interfaces, PolyWorks|Inspector offers an extensive set of guidance technologies that the world’s largest manufacturing OEMs trust to implement efficient, precise, and repeatable measurement processes for portable metrology devices.


Maximize the productivity of your scanning arms

Tens of thousands of portable arm operators worldwide enjoy the reliability and efficiency of our scanning and probing workflows every day.
Leverage our disruptive laser tracker innovations

We provide innovative laser-tracker-based scanning technologies that greatly accelerate the analysis and dimensional control of your large parts and tools.
Scan large structures rapidly using spherical digitizing

Minimize rework time when assembling large aerospace structures by scanning them using a spherical grid digitizer and simulating the assembly process beforehand.
Tailor measurement methods to your processes

Integrate additional measurement devices or in-house proprietary measurement techniques by creating and embedding macro scripts within your measurement objects.


Generate high-quality surface scans

Produce great scanning results under all circumstances thanks to our unique real-time quality meshing technology that computes and displays quality metrics in real time.
Ensure sufficient scanned data for reliable feature extraction

Get real-time feedback on scanned surface, curve, and circumference coverage with guidance graphics that indicate where an operator should capture additional scans.
Implement repeatable probing workflows

Use images, text, 3D graphics, and tolerances to deploy guided probing inspection projects that improve operator efficiency and ensure measurement repeatability on the shop floor.
Guide assembly building with real-time measurements

Accurately track part location during assembly using digital readouts simultaneously displaying real-time measured reflector positions from multiple laser trackers.


PolyWorks|Inspector has reinvented the way inspection projects are set up and executed on CNC CMMs, within a flexible, user-friendly, and efficient CNC CMM operational paradigm, similar to the one we offer for portable metrology devices.


Reduce the complexity of your CMM programming tasks

We deliver shorter and easy-to-understand CNC CMM sequences, as our nominal features, dimensions, and reports are created and managed outside of the sequence editor.
Accelerate the sequencing process while staying in control

Select objects to be measured and let the sequence editor automatically find the proper tool orientations, the optimal measurement order, and collision-free measurement paths.
Fix sequencing mistakes intuitively

Our intelligent sequence editor provides immediate feedback when illogical or incorrect operations are detected, and lets you repair detected mistakes in a single click.
Avoid potential collisions automatically

We offer powerful collision analysis and avoidance technologies that detect potential tool collisions in real time and automatically modify the toolpaths to prevent them.


Configure a CNC CMM sequence for any machine in your park

Build your measurement sequence once for a specific CNC CMM configuration, then use our conversion tool to automatically adapt it to any CNC CMM brand or type.
Protect your CNC CMM and its accessories

Avoid costly damages by detecting, in real time, potential tool collisions with parts or fixtures prior to launching a CNC measurement operation online.
Add measurement objects to a sequence effortlessly

To perform additional measurements, just create and select new measurement objects and let the sequence editor optimally insert them within your CNC CMM sequence.
Complement your CNC CMM projects with portable metrology data

Use a portable laser scanner to measure the fixtures for collision analysis purposes, or a scanning arm to measure surfaces and features that can’t be reached by the CMM.