PolyWorks® | The Smart, 3D Metrology Digital Ecosystem

PolyWorks® is the first single-vendor enterprise solution that supports all your industrial manufacturing organization’s 3D measurement processes, from measurement planning by the design and manufacturing teams, to the measurement execution by the quality control team, and the enterprisewide sharing of 3D measurement data and results.





As a universal software platform PolyWorks
a multitude of optical and
tactile digitizing systems.
Connect all persons,
capture the 3D measurement information
or need to access it.
Enables digital teamwork in every phase
of the product development process.




Metrology Suite | The Universal 3D Metrology Software Platform

As a universal software platform, PolyWorks supports a variety of optical and tactile digitizing systems.

Collaborative Suite | Interconnecting Hardware, Software, and People

This new software solution enables complete and efficient digital data storage for managing all 3D measurement data. The digital network provides real-time access to all 3D measurement data for quality control and product development staff. This significantly increases the efficiency of product development.