The mixed reality software solution that superimposes 3D measurement results and guidance graphics on inspected parts

PolyWorks|AR™ is a PolyWorks|Inspector™ mixed reality plug-in for the Microsoft HoloLens smart glasses that radically transforms the experience of measurement operators and analysts by superimposing vivid holograms on physical pieces and assemblies.



Reinvented 3D metrology applications

Our mixed reality solution allows you to conveniently carry your PolyWorks|Inspector project with you to guide your next action while performing a 3D measurement workflow or to access project data instantaneously while reviewing measurement results.

Visualize the defects of large pieces efficiently

Superimpose 3D measurement results over large measured pieces and collaboratively review their detected defects without having to use a computer screen or a projector.

Ensure digital gauging traceability

Automatically capture and store a photo showing the digital gauge, the measured piece, and the guidance hologram when measuring a dimension.

Guide assembly building with holograms

Display digital readouts, axial deviations, and guidance arrows in front of your eyes while precisely positioning a machine, a tool, or a fixture.

Integrate mixed reality into your custom measurement workflows

Add holograms to your scripted measurement methods and measurement sequences thanks to PolyWorks|AR’s extensive set of macro commands.

Transformative technologies

We have developed powerful algorithms and fully exploited the innovative hardware and software technologies behind the HoloLens devices to transform the user experience of 3D measurement specialists.

CAD-based device localization

Position and orient the HoloLens unit in the part’s coordinate system by automatically aligning a CAD model to a physical piece.

Intuitive gesture interactions

Use your hands intuitively to open menus, configure parameters, trigger functionalities, and position and orient 3D geometry.

Mixed reality pictures

Capture and store mixed reality photos taken from the operator’s point of view for documentation, analysis, or traceability purposes.