Purchase Order: D3D++ plug-in for PolyWorks|Inspector™ (**)

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Purchase Order: D3D++ plug-in for PolyWorks|Inspector™ **
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Any questions? Please feel free to get in contact with us: sales@duwe-3d.de or +49 8382 27590 120


**: D3D++ plug-in for PolyWorks|Inspector™
The software application D3D++ is a plug-in, to simplify the integration of PolyWorks® in existing predefined process chains to offer an interface for company specific format descriptions.
Please note: D3D++ requires the latest PolyWorks Version. Make sure that the latest Intermediate Release of PolyWorks is installed.

Our general terms and conditions are applicable (Download link: http://www.duwe-3d.de/en/downloads).
System requirements and software activation: Information about system requirements and supported data formats can be found at the following link: http://www.duwe-3d.eu/en/downloads.
The software price includes one year maintenance with free updates and customer support during our office hours from 8 am to 5 pm CET.
Note on data protection: In course of the licensing, the following data is transferred to the manufacturer for each license and for each registered user: company, title, first name, surname, department, company address, e-mail address.
Note for deliveries to non-EU countries: The standard delivery of the software is performed via download.


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