D3D++ the PolyWorks® plug-in to integrate your company processes

D3D++ is developed by Duwe-3d AG and enables the direct import & export of company-specific measuring and inspection plans, the connection of handheld measuring devices and much more ...

The time-consuming manual creation of nominal geometries, measuring points, sections and RPS points in PolyWorks|Inspector™ with the correct designations and tolerances is no longer necessary. The PolyWorks|Inspector project is automatically created, aligned and evaluated according to the inspection plan. The results can be exported in the appropriate company-specific data format. The formats of the following OEMs are integrated: Audi, BMW, Daimler, Opel and VW. Furthermore, many additional functions and macros are integrated via D3D++. D3D++ offers the possibility to connect automation interfaces to robotic and PLC systems via TCP/IP. In case of questions, an online session can be started via D3D++ directly from PolyWorks|Inspector to our Duwe-3d Support with TeamViewer.





Import of inspection plans with D3D++

Import of inspection plans of the OEMs Audi, BMW, Daimler, Opel and VW.
Export of inspection results with D3D++

Export of inspection results for the OEMs Audi, BMW, Daimler, Opel and VW. As well as independent formats such as DMO (DMIS), Flex-Text and DFQ.
D3D++ Evaluation and measurement strategies

With D3D++ additional measurement methods can be used for relative measurement, gap & flush, ball adapter and more.
D3D++ Library

D3D++ includes additional features, toolbars and macros that are appreciated by many PolyWorks users.
Help & Support

If you have questions, you can start an online session with D3D++ directly from PolyWorks|Inspector to our Duwe-3d support via TeamViewer.
ISO Tolerances

With D3D++ you can set ISO tolerances interactively.
Integration of Mahr handheld measuring devices

The direct connection of Mahr handheld measuring devices with integrated wireless such as calipers (MarCal16EWRi) and dial gauge (MarCator1086Ri) is possible.
D3D++ Automated company-specific inspection workflow

To facilitate your workflows, we can also adapt D3D++ for your inspection workflow.
D3D++ Automation interface via TCP-IP

D3D++ gives you network access to PolyWorks macro instructions, for example, to connect robotic and PLC systems.
D3D++ Serial-Port-Interface

D3D++ allows project-specific and flexible integration of devices with a serial interface (RS232), e.g. dial gauge or temperature sensors.
D3D++ integrated macros

D3D++ includes many useful additional functions for PolyWorks users. Integrate your macros into a D3D++ company version. Installing, updating and versioning macros is easy with D3D++.
D3D++ Operator Toolbar

User interface with limited user functions (configurable).
User-friendly D3D++ toolbar

Quick and easy access to frequently requested functions.