D3D++ is a plug-in for import and export of inspection plans with PolyWorks®, developed by Duwe-3d AG

D3D++ serves as an interface between company-specific format descriptions and the standard data formats supported by PolyWorks. PolyWorks uses D3D++ to load inspection specifications and measurement methods.

D3D++ automates importing, aligning, evaluating and exporting inspection plans. The specifications for the export of measurement results to databases and different file formats are freely definable.
D3D++ also offers you direct contact to Duwe-3d Support: Online sessions can be started from PolyWorks and project data can be transferred to our experts. PolyWorks projects, reports and statistical analysis can be created reliably and quickly by importing “PMP” (inspection plans, e.g.  “csv” or “ins”) of Audi, BMW, Daimler, Opel and Volkswagen or neutral formats like I++. 



Profit from our new D3D++ Functions:

D3D++ integrated macros

  • Useful additional functions for PolyWorks users
  • Integration of your macros in a D3D++ Company version
  • Installation and update of macros via D3D++


D3D++ Automation interface via TCP/IP

  • Network access to PolyWorks macro commands
    for example, to connect robotic and PLC systems



D3D++ Serial-Port-Interface

  • Project-specific and flexible integration of devices with
    a serial interface (RS232) e.g. for measuring clocks or temperature sensors





In many companies, the construction department forwards quality features and measuring points in company-specific formats to the measuring department. With D3D++, these target specifications can be conveniently integrated into measurement projects. D3D++ prepares company-specific format specifications and automatically stores objects and characteristics to be tested in PolyWorks. PolyWorks projects are thus reliably created, reports and statistical analyses are quickly generated.



Please note:

D3D++ supports the perfect export formats for automotive OEMs (e.g. “csv”, “ins”, “sol”) and additional neutral formats like DMIS. The comfort of using the export formats is also given in the case of creating a PolyWorks project without any import of measurement plans, setting PolyWorks as the starting point of company defined quality assurance process: up to the point of creating new measurement plans for upcoming projects.

Thomas Neudert of the Duwe-3d AG shows how it works. (english subtitles available)



D3D++ plug-in for PolyWorks|Inspector™ D3D++ developed by Duwe-3d AG is a plug-in for import and export of inspection plans with PolyWorks|Inspector™. It serves as an interface between company-specific format descriptions and by PolyWorks® supported standard data formats. Download / 566.5 KB
Duwe-3d--General-Terms-Conditions-D3D++.pdf General Terms and Conditions of Duwe-3d AG for the Temporary Licensing of Software module D3D++ for PolyWorks/Inspector™ Download / 210.4 KB