Data Access Made Easy

Find an inspection project by entering a part number. Retrieve the 3D measurement data of a defective piece from its serial number. It’s now that easy. The days where you had to browse for a file or folder on a local or network disk are now gone. Welcome to the new world of PolyWorks|DataLoop, where you search for meaningful content!


Index all your meaningful information

Identify the key pieces of information in your parts and processes and use custom properties to index them in the database.
Find projects and measured pieces easily

Find and open archived projects and measured pieces effortlessly by searching them based on indexed properties.
Accelerate your searches by filtering search results

Use our powerful filtering tools to narrow the search results and easily find the data you’re looking for.
Manage inspection project permissions

Control the access to your projects to protect templates from being overwritten or set up a restricted portal for external collaborators.