The smart reporting solution that simplifies the integration of inspection results within your preformatted corporate Excel reports

PolyWorks|ReportLoopTM is a free Excel-based reporting solution that allows you to integrate smart and updateable 3D inspection data within your preformatted corporate report spreadsheets by directly linking spreadsheet cells to items in PolyWorks|InspectorTM projects.

Integrate Smart 3D Inspection Data

Spreadsheet cells linked to inspection data

Link Excel spreadsheet cells to PolyWorks|Inspector project and piece properties, controls, control views, tables, and snapshots.
Automatic spreadsheet updates

Edit an inspection project reported in your spreadsheet at any time, then let PolyWorks|ReportLoop automatically update the spreadsheet values.
Ideal for enterprisewide deployment

Gain efficiency and savings by deploying a free reporting solution, interoperable with the free PolyWorks|Reviewer™ inspection project reviewing software.