The model-based definition solution for collaborative measurement planning between your product engineering teams

PolyWorks|PMI+Loop™ is an innovative Model-Based Definition (MBD) solution that allows you to define 3D measurement plans associative with CAD design geometry within a single digital authoring tool, your native CAD platform. Fully interoperable with PolyWorks|Inspector™, it provides a digital collaboration platform to your design, manufacturing, and 3D measurement teams for driving product engineering processes from a single product definition.

CAD-based MBD for 3D Measurement Planning

PolyWorks|PMI+Loop™ is an innovative Model-Based Definition (MBD) solution that allows your design and manufacturing teams to define 3D measurement objects and dimensional requirements within your native CAD platform to check part fit, guarantee function and performance, provide manufacturing feedback, and communicate instructions to the 3D measurement team.

Create measurement-ready CAD geometry

Define 3D measurement objects and construction geometry, along with their controlled characteristics, associative with the CAD-design geometry.
Leverage native GD&T and datum labels

Integrate native GD&T and datum labels in your 3D measurement plans and ensure full compatibility with downstream applications that consume CAD models with MBD.

Get dimensional feedback about your manufactured parts

Set up specialized characteristics to obtain feature location, surface and edge deviations, and tie them to assembly, tooling, or datum coordinate systems.
Configure report-ready bills of characteristics

Review, order, and number controlled characteristics, and link them to 3D views/captures of your CAD model, to build your inspection report structure.

Interoperable with All your 3D Applications

In addition to its native interconnectivity with PolyWorks|Inspector™, PolyWorks|PMI+Loop is an open platform that outputs 3D measurement plan information to a wide variety of file formats. It provides MBD consumable by your existing CAD-based workflows, ensuring a smooth integration within your existing 3D measurement processes.