PolyWorks 2014: Shipment of software boxes

You have received the PolyWorks 2014 download notification but you would like to receive the official Softwarebox (DVD's) including a hard copy of the installation guide and a DVD with training videos? No problem!
We will be happy to send you the PolyWorks 2014 software box as soon as it is available.

Please complete the following form fields:

Delivery address
Please share your contact information so we can make sure to send the box to the right address.
How can we contact you?
Your E-mail address and phone number will help us to contact you if we have questions regarding the shipment.
Please provide us with all Dongle-ID's for which you want a SEPARATE PolyWorks 2014 software box.

Please note:

  • PolyWorks 2014 and all additional information is also available as a download. The PolyWorks 2014 software box does not contain any additional information.
  • The boxes are beeing produced at the moment and will be available in July 2014.
  • We will send one software box per license.