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Duwe-3d AG Company Portrait (DE)

Competence, wich can be measured! In our company video the Duwe-3d AG is introduced peronally. Who is behind the software PolyWorks.

Flush & Gap Analysis with PolyWorks|Inspector™

Flush and Gaps can be very different on a vehicle. Measure them can be challenging. Dr. Mathias Huck shows the optical 3D measureement with a Hexagon ROME Absolut Arm with CMS Scanner. In PolyWorks|Inspector™ there are a row of analysis options for Flush an Gap measurement as well as for the Tornadoline.

Reverse PolyWorks|Modeler™

Reverse Engineering of a freeform: How does this work? Christian Beißwanger shows how to generate pointclouds with Creaforms MetraSCAN 3D and work with them in PolyWorks. The result is a CAD in IGES or STEP format.

PolyWorks and manual Coordinate Measurement Machines

Daniel Hetke shows the usage of PolyWorks in combination with manual CMM's.

Guided Measurement: Manuel Serial Measurement in PolyWorks

Jan Ehinger is performing a "guided Measurement": With the App PolyWorks|Talisman™ it's quick and easy realized.

Real-time Quality Meshing and Quality Control for Reverse-Engineering

PolyWorks allows it to connect Scanning-Data during the scanning process.

Import of Inspection Plan Files in company specific formats - D3D++ in PolyWorks

D3D++ is a plug-in for PolyWorks developed by the Duwe-3d AG for import and export of control reviews. Thomas Neudert shows how ist works.

PolyWorks® 2016 in CNC-guided controller operation

PolyWorks 2016 is the univeral platform for coordinate measuring instruments with interfaces to any type of 3D measuring device.