Our Partners

InnovMetric Software Inc. is a software development company based in Quebec City, Canada, that develops PolyWorks, and markets and supports 3D metrology solutions worldwide based on the PolyWorks universal software platform. InnovMetric Software and its strategic European partner Duwe-3D AG employ 95 people, including 30 applications specialists, in six countries. PolyWorks software is the standard point cloud engineering solution for major automotive and aeronautic OEM manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. In addition to operating major laser scanner and white-light digitizer brands from its user interface, PolyWorks fully supports a wide range of arm-based and hand-held probing devices, photogrammetry-based devices, laser trackers, and manual CMMs, enabling hybrid metrology applications combining point clouds with hard probing. We represent PolyWorks as:

  • Exclusive Distributor for the PolyWorks software, PolyWorks trainings and PolyWorks helpdesk in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Master Distributor for PolyWorks in France, Italy and Turkey i.e. selling and supporting PolyWorks independently from all sensor systems
  • InnovMetric European Partner, providing technical support to PolyWorks distributors throughout Europe (InnovMetric's press release

Distributional Partners

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